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About is a place for all Angular enthusiasts created to inspire and educate. It’s a community of passionate people who share their knowledge and support others by providing them with the best practices and tips. This is the place where Angular lives.

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We are proud to have won two Angular Awards. In 2021, we won “Angular Hero of Community” and in 2022, we won “Angular Hero of Education” at the largest Angular conference in Poland, NG Poland is a place where:

  • you will find interesting cases, practical tips shared by Angular enthusiasts and more,
  • you can share interesting thoughts with the community,
  • together we are making Angular popular,
  • jointly we arrange and participate in live meetings (meetups, workshops, conferences) as well online (webinars, live chat),
  • you will find interesting open source projects – angular and more.

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  • Angular Developer at House of Angular. Adam is an Angular Developer interested in both software development and its management. A long time FIFA player, whose main means of transport are inline skates.
  • Magda spends most of her time tracking marketing and IT novelties. On a daily basis, she is involved in the development and promotion of our blog
  • Mateusz is a newbie writer in the blogosphere and an experienced angular developer. He is a fantasy and RPG fan, generally a gamer (PC Master Race!). He likes to explore flavors of the world, particularly the eastern ones.
  • I am an Angular and NestJS developer. I started my adventure with the first versions of "new" Angular (2 and up). Recently I'm also using NestJS (which is easy to learn if you know Angular well - everything is very similar). In my work I pay a lot of attention to so called clean code and clean architecture. I like to have "order" in the code :) In my free time I am interested in sports cars, motorsport in general. I also play amateur volleyball.
  • Krzysztof guides team members and helps them develop a senior software engineer skill set, while developing Angular web apps by himself. He is interested in business analysis and architecture of web apps, adapted to client needs.
  • Mateusz is a Typescript sympathizer with several years of experience in developing Angular applications.
  • Mateusz is an avid editor of In the portal for many years. A fan of all types of consoles and india games. He is a football fan – both real and virtual. Every weekend, he gets comfortable in his armchair, fastens his seat belt, and enjoys the European football games.
  • Marcin is constantly hungry for knowledge and passionate about mobile and hybrid applications. Always open to new ideas and technologies, being nit-picky. He dedicates his free time to science and astronomy.
  • Maciej spends most of his time designing applications in Angular and Node.js, additionally he creates and supports libraries and other tools which he uses in his everyday work. He is heavily involved in the development of the NestJS technology and its community. He also runs a blog in English about NestJS and Angular.
  • Tomasz is a JavaScript Developer, Angular and TypeScript frameworks enthusiast. On a daily basis, he likes sharing his knowledge by conducting classes at one of Tricity’s boot camps and by recording Angular courses.
  • Lukasz is a programmer and enthusiast of Angular and RxJS technologies. He’s a fan of martial arts, traveling, and motorization.
  • Artur is an ambitious and motivated developer interested in new technologies. He lays focus on the best quality when it comes to his codes. His relation to CSS is complicated.
  • Wojtek is a JavaScript developer working daily in one of the Poland's largest educational publishing houses, where he implements applications for learning mathematics and computer science using the Angular framework. He is passionate about functional programming and a fan of the RxJS library. He is the author of the blog – JavaScript everyday – where he deals with various topics related to JS.
  • Lukasz has been working with Angular for years, but he is making his debut in writing articles. In his free time, he is a drummer in a rock band and recently became an avid cyclist. He likes to get away from his laptop from time to time.
  • Kamil is avoiding CSS, a full-stack developer who is in his element in the world of Microsoft and .NET. He is involved in the architecture of applications rather than the visual part. Working with Angular since its beginning. In his free time he’s a death metal guitarist and a heavy sound fan.
  • Tomasz is a frontend developer with a programming experience of 10 years, working on implementing complex business applications in Angular framework. Occasionally, he speaks at international conferences (including ngPoland, Agile Lean Europe) and local meetups (including Angular Tricity, meet.js, dev.js). He has been running a series of training workshops - Angular in Space - for over two years.