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Angular MeetUp | 2.03.2022

In our opinion, the Angular Community is all about the people! Sounds high-flown? Maybe, but we believe that Angular enthusiasts are the biggest driving force behind the development of our front end framework.

We also try to educate and develop the Angular Community, mainly by sharing our blogger’s knowledge. Some of you may already know from our social media, that together with House of Angular and Angular Warsaw, we’ve organized the second Angular MeetUp in Warsaw on March 2nd. Over 100 Angular enthusiasts joined us stationary and remotely. Your interest drives us to do more and to support future angular meetups!

What value comes from meetups?

Apart from substantive presentations full of practical tips, such events also bring a number of other benefits. First of all, MeetUps are a great opportunity to meet and get to know new people from the angular environment. You can talk freely, broaden your horizons and open new doors, both in the professional and private sphere. The acquaintances made duringMeetUps may stay with you for many, many years. 

Of course, those meetings are also a great opportunity to dig deeper into your topics of interest and discuss them in an informal atmosphere. We know how it is, sometimes you are reluctant to ask questions in public, and that’s normal! A lot of people, all attention directed to you, those kinds of situations cause a lot of stress. That is why networking breaks are an inseparable part of our Angular Meetups. It gives an opportunity to talk or ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere, with a cold beer and warm pizza in your hand. ?

Angular MeetUp – what was it about?

During the March meeting, besides the mentioned networking, there was also time for specifics – that is, substantial, practical presentations on a high, Angular level. During the MeetUp, the developers from House of Angular and also our bloggers – Wojtek, Mateusz and Mateusz – held their presentations. Of course, we recorded all those presentations, so you can get back to them at any time, so remember to check out the Angular Love channel on Youtube ? . 

And what exactly was the talk about? We are already in a hurry to explain!

Optimal Angular | Wojciech Janaszek

Surely you like to use applications that work without any jams and react quickly to your actions, right? Well… achieving it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may seem. If you want to learn everything you need to know to write such applications in Angular, we encourage you to watch Wojtek’s presentation. You will also find 9 ways to optimize your application ? 

Where to watch it? Click on the link here.

NX in practice | Mateusz Do Duc

A few words about NX, Mateusz reveals, among other things, how the House of Angular team’s approach has changed over the course of projects and what you should pay attention to when working with this technology. Do you want to learn some NX exp and make your work more efficient and effective, and guarantee the client’s satisfaction? Be sure to watch Mateusz’s presentation here.

Backend for Frontend…by Frontend? | Mateusz Dobrowolski 

In short, a concise presentation of why and how House of Angular uses the “Backend for Frontend” pattern in its project so that the application works as good as possible. Mateusz explains the implications of this approach and what solutions have been smuggled into the project. It’s certainly quite an uncommon and original presentation topic – you must see it here!

Angular MeetUp through the eyes of the participants

We care a lot about the opinion of the people who participate in the angular events such as our MeetUps. Thanks to this we know what can be improved in the future editions. Therefore, at the end of the meeting, the participants completed a questionnaire on both the organization of the event itself and the presented topics. Those who took part in the MeetUp in person rated the organization of the event 4.77/5, and the content level of the presentations 4.67/5!

And what did you like best? Well, why don’t we just share some of the feedback with you: 

“Valuable content and an opportunity to meet experienced Angular Developers”.

” The whole organization, initiative and effort is put into developing the Angular Community”

“Interesting topics, some real life examples” 

“Especially the last topic, is extremely useful for Fullstack Developers” 

“Great event, motivating and expanding knowledge” 


Thank you for being with us, both stationary, at the House of Angular headquarters, where the event took place, and remotely – watching the live stream. We hope that there will be even more of you at our next MeetUps! If you have the opportunity, we encourage you to take part in the MeetUp in Warsaw, mainly because of the atmosphere we have previously talked about. Then, you have the opportunity to chat with the speakers, our bloggers and other Angular enthusiasts. Above all, we want to grow the Angular Community by giving you the opportunity to make new contacts among Frontend Developers ? 

If you are hungry for Angular knowledge, don’t worry – the next MeetUp is coming soon, later this spring! And if you don’t want to miss any information, subscribe to our Newsletter and follow our social media!

See you soon! We can’t wait ? We’re looking forward to it!

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